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Yardworks, Inc. now holds the distinction of being Belgard Master Craftsmen. If you are wondering how we attained this status you can read below the requirements that must be met. We are proud to hold this distinction as we are the only Belgard Master Craftsmen in the area.

Contractor’s Corner: How to Become a Belgard Master Craftsman

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Contractors play a pivotal role in helping homeowners bring their outdoor living visions to life. Each month, we’ll offer a Contractor’s Corner post to share tips to help our contractor partners offer even more to homeowners and their landscapes.

Previously we’ve talked about how to become a Belgard Authorized Contractor, so let’s take it up a notch this week and talk about how you can go from being a BAC to a Master Craftsman – the highest level of certification from Belgard.

All Belgard Authorized Contractors looking to become a Master Craftsman must complete the following requirements:

– Must meet all BAC requirements
– Recognized as a winner of at least 1 national award OR 2 local awards for projects in the past 24 months
– Must have an employee complete the ICPI Residential Paver Technician Course
– Must have 5 years install experience
– Must be authorized in 2 of the following areas:
◾Retaining Walls
◾Belgard Elements
◾Belgard Certified Applicator

– Must meet 2 of the following installation requirements as it relates to your areas of authorization within a 12 month period prior to applying for Master Craftsman status:
◾20,000 SF of Belgard Pavers
◾3,000 SF of Belgard Wall Product
◾7 projects containing at least one Belgard Element
◾Clean and seal 25 paver projects

– 5 year workmanship guarantee
– Must attend 3 educational events provided by or approved by Belgard
– Must hold BAC status for 3 years prior in at least 1 area.
– 100% service satisfaction commitment

In addition to the initial requirements, all Master Craftsmen must submit to these yearly requirements:

– Maintain authorized status in at least two areas
– Must install/perform the following as it relates to your areas of authorization:
◾20,000 SF of Belgard pavers each year
◾2,000 SF of Belgard wall product each year
◾7 projects containing a Belgard Element each year
◾Clean and seal 25 paver projects each year

– Must attend 3 educational events provided by or approved by Belgard
– Maintain 100% service satisfaction commitment

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